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G K Healthcare

We are a leading WHO-GMP certified antibiotic Cephalosporins tablets & dry syrup formulation manufacturer in India. We are known for the quality contract manufacturing for the markets across the globe.

Pharmaceutical Anti-infective
Finished Dosages Manufacturer

As per International Standards

G K Healthcare
The name is popular in the export market for antibiotic Cephalosporins tablets, dry syrup & granules/powder manufacturing. We have started this pharmaceutical manufacturing with the aim of bringing quality & economic healthcare medicines in the industry. We are one of the emerging players in the healthcare industry who is dedicated to the exports of quantitative, qualitative and affordable medicines. We manufacture a huge range of Cephalosporins.
Our dedicated WHO-GMP certified plant has state of the art manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced machinery and a team of expert professionals who strengthens the pillars of all our operations.


Site Highlights

The manufacturing site of G K Healthcare is located in a clean pollution-free isolated environment with unidirectional man & material flow.

We Have

A Fully Equipped Plant

Our tablet manufacturing line is semi-automatic and the dry syrup manufacturing line is fully automatic.

We Have

An Efficient HVAC Unit

The HVAC system is integrated with the plant to control the manufacturing environment to maintain the best relative humidity & temperature.

Committed To Sustainability

Health & Safety

GK Healthcare is a responsible manufacturer of pharmaceuticals products is committed to taking adequate precautions.

Sustainable Development

We understand our responsibility towards the environment and follow all the environmental safety practices.

Safety in Manufacturing

We have strict safety policy guidelines to ensure a workplace free from accidents.

Safe Testing

We ensure that all the safety precautions are followed with zero negligence.

Product Handling

We take every effort possible at every point of product handling to make a smooth and safe product journey, from production to delivery.

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